Apple Brings You a Web Portal for Apple Card management

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Apple Brings You a Web Portal for Apple Card management

Now everyone can enjoy the attributes of Apple Card as there is a website finally launched by Apple management. The Apple Card was a very futuristic step taken and undoubtedly it was worthwhile. This card was more focused on privacy by omitting different kinds of attributes as well.

When it comes to the Apple Card, it didn’t get well with the financial management software. Not only this, but there was also no other for you to manage your Apple Card without the use of your iPhone. But now, with time things have changed. Apple management has made it possible for one to now export states in a wide range of formats according to your specific needs. This step has made things a lot easier for one to use it with different financial management services and applications.

After all of this, Apple finally came with the web portal that will make it possible for you to manage your card with even more convenience. Now the ones who have the Apple Card need to just browse and get yourself registered with your login ID and password. As and when you will enter your account, you will have a dashboard where you can check your account transactions in detail. You can check with your balance, download statements, and also schedule payments according to your specific needs.

But, still, the access is quite limited with many options not available. There is still no option for one to apply for the new Apple card on the web portal. Yes, the website does explain how you can apply for the new Apple Card if interested with the help of your iPhone wallet applications. This means that the only way you can apply for an Apple Card without having an iPhone is by making a purchase of Apple hardware at While making a payment, you just need to select the “‌Apple Card‌ Monthly Installments” option.

You will not be able to check your transactions or also exporting your statements is not possible in any other format except PDF. In fact, in the bottom section you will find a text stating that to export or view your transactions, it is important you use your device. In the current scenario, there is no doubt in stating that having an Apple Card web portable is a big step towards the future. There are many who will prefer making their payments using web portals as it seems convenient and a lot easier as well. With the help of a web portal, it becomes easier for the users to make their use of Apple Cards without having to stress about their iPhone at all.

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