How To Edit A Screenshot On An iPhone?

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How To Edit A Screenshot On An iPhone?

Now in the last section, we learn how we can take screenshots on different iPhones. You must learn how to take screenshots before going through with this section as it will help you understand where to start with. Here we will talk about the steps to edit our screenshots as per our needs. 

Yes, thankfully iPhones are now coming with attributes that allow us to edit the screenshots and exclusively make it easier for us to use the pictures as per our specific needs. As the process of taking screenshots was different in many devices, similarly editing the screenshots is also different. So, you need to carefully read the steps and then put them into implementation.

Let’s get started with the steps that need to be complied to edit your screenshots:

For Devices With iOS 10 Or Earlier

If you have taken the screenshot this means you will either use it for your purpose or share it with your contacts. If you are using devices that have not been updated past iOS 10 then at first it is important to open Apple’s Photos Application.

At the top of the camera roll option, you will find the thumbnail that depicts the function of getting the editing done. So, all you need to do is to tap the thumbnail and it will open the respective option with which you can make the changes according to your needs. From cropping your screenshot to adjusting the filter or using the markup option, you can do it all and press the save button. This will help you get your screenshot edited and saved in your device for further needs.


You can also consider using a screenshot editing tool in the name of IDG. It is one of the best and most intuitive editing tools that make it easy for you to have your screenshot modified just the way you wanted. This powerful tool is designed and developed specifically for this purpose. So, you can use it and have your editing needs covered without any hassle.

For Devices With iOS 11 and later

Apple has come up with a new screenshot interface when it comes to devices with iOS 11. This new interface has been highly acclaimed and precisely it has been very needed as well. As and when you take a screenshot, you will see a small thumbnail appearing at the lower-left corner. You can use this thumbnail if you would like to act on your screenshot and have it modified. If you do not want to act on it right away you can swipe it away.

When you tap the thumbnail for editing purposes, you will find a number of options that will help you in getting your modification done without any kind of difficulty.

So, in this way, you will be able to have your editing needs covered with ease. Hopefully, you are clear on the steps that need to be taken for modification.  As we all know that Apple is going to launch iPhone 12 so our next post will be on it. Stay updated!


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