Apple Chose September 15 to Unveil New Products Through Live Event

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Apple Chose September 15 to Unveil New Products Through Live Event

The rumors behind the Apple 12 launch are at its peak. We are all thinking and scratching when this dream phone will be available for all of us to relish. The rumors got at its peak when Apple announced its first annual event to be held on 15th September, Tuesday. The buzz was getting stronger for the launch of Apple 12 but it didn’t come out that way.

The buzz has been swirling for quite a long time now about the October iPhone event and also a secret Apple Watch launch. All this has been leading into quite an unconventional season for a fall update. But, it has been acknowledged that things are not that different at all. Late on the day, Apple did announce on Tuesday that it will be organizing the first of its events on Tuesday, September 15 which is usually done a week before.

Looking more into the details that were associated with the event invitation attributes, it showed a doodled Apple logo. This logo color was blue and the caption of Time Flies framed below the logo. This new presence is quietly suggesting that a new Apple Watch is there knocking on the doors. You can always check with the event invite through Safari’s AR viewer. This can be done with the help of any iPhone. You will witness an animation into 9.15 and then it gets back to the same Apple logo!

You can also acknowledge this animation when you check the Apple official website. All you need to do is to open the event’s page on the website through your iPhone and then press on the logo button on the respective webpage. It will show the same bit of animation. If you also check with the accompanied Twitter account or hashtag AppleEvent, you will see the same shade of blue again. This shade is basically indicating more towards the classic Aqua Apple Logo.

In fact, according to the recent buzz, it has been seen that the new dark blue hue is there to be launched with your dream phone iPhone 12. Apple is definitely going to announce about the four new device models that they are going to bring in the marketplace. Not only this, but they will also bring out the new iPad Air, Apple watch, on-ear AirPods, and Apple Tags. So, with all these in the lists, the rumors are certainly spreading like a fire.

So, if you would like to enjoy this new Apple event, all you need to do is to get to Apple’s website and live stream the video being shown at 10 A.M Pacific time. It will be more or less clear about all the buzz you are hearing.

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