iOS 14: Hidden Attributes You Should Explore Part 1

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iOS 14: Hidden Attributes You Should Explore Part 1

Excited about the iOS 14 upgrade? It will certainly give you the treat of some massive improvements that you have been hoping for in your respective Apple device. You will certainly have a lot more customized home screen infused with exciting new widgets. Not only this, but it is also expected that the App Library will certainly make an instant difference in how you are going to use your device. You will also be able to check with the importance of picture-in-picture video.

But, there are many features yet to be disclosed that are supposed to be iOS 14’s best attributes in the line and are not yet on the Apple pops up tutorial. You will find these hidden gems deep down in the settings option and interface. These features will never be recognized until somebody lets you know about it.

We are your someone for the time and are here to discuss the hidden gem of the iOS 14 upgrade that is certainly going to make your experience of using an iOS device a worthwhile one.

Headphone Accommodations

When you go to the settings option and select Accessibility you will find the Audio/Visual option. This is a new setting brought especially for the Headphone Accommodations. With the help of this attribute, you will be able to make a change to your sound output that is supported by Apple. You can have your output customized as per your specific needs. So, a custom audio setup function will certainly be a worthy attribute to have.

Back tap

Here we bring you another hidden attribute that will certainly excite you a lot more. For this useful attribute, you again have to go to the accessibility option. When tap on the accessibility button, at the bottom you will find an option with the name of Back Tap. This amazing function is there to help you get access to BacAnother accessibility settings. This means that iOS 14 will help you to set specific attributes to a double-tap or triple-tap on your phone’s back.

So, you just need to assign the task to double-tap or triple-tap and it will become a shortcut for you to use it. In this way, this attribute brings in powerful functions that help you work a lot more conveniently.

Long-press back button

If you have crossed six menus and then using an application, going back will require a lot of back taps for sure. You will have to press it again and again. But, iOS 14 has done something for you in this situation. All you need to do is to press and hold the upper-left back button and get a list in the form of breadcrumbs. You can select the page you want to go with ease. This format was already in the Safari application and now Apple has brought into an application for iOS 14 as well making it convenient for the users.

These are a few of the attributes of the iOS 14 upgrade that is yet to be explored and you can make the most out of it. In the next post, we will bring you even more attributes that will be even more surprising. Stay connected!

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