iOS 14: Hidden Attributes You Should Explore Part 2

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iOS 14: Hidden Attributes You Should Explore Part 2

Hopefully, you have checked with the earlier attributes that will make your iOS 14 experience more than worthwhile. All these attributes come with fascinating functions that make our device even more value for the money. But, unfortunately, all these hidden attributes are not so popular and known. You might keep thinking what is so different about iOS 14, believe it or not, these attributes will never cross your mind.

We did discuss with you about 3 of the attributes precisely in the name of headphone accommodation, back tap, and long-press back tap. If you are thinking about what is left, then you have certainly landed yourself on the right page. There are two more surprising attributes that will certainly make your experience of using your device more than satisfying.

We wrote about these attributes in two parts because it becomes easier for you to read and use it for your experience. Today’s attributes are very important for you to keep in mind because one relates to security and the other relates to the camera. So, let’s get started and understand the other two attributes that will define the arrival of iOS 14, take a look:

Safari privacy report

As and when you press on the new tab option available on Safari with the use of macOS Big Sur, you will get to acknowledge a neat privacy report. This shows all the trackers that have been blocked during this time.

This feature will be available on your iPhone as well with the iOS 14. Yes, when you open any page on Safari and tap font or text or any other button available on the left side, you’ll see a privacy report available at the bottom.

With the help of this privacy report, you will be able to keep a track of the blocking list where you will be the ones who are trying to track you. On macOS Big Sur, you will have the details of the number of trackers Safari is preventing the trackers you have encountered on a regular basis. It will be an overview of all the activities and identity and also how it is being stopped by the Safari browser.

Mirrored Selfies

The next attribute we are going to talk about is mirrored Selfies. As and when you open your front-facing camera, you will find a reversed image on your iPhone. You will find the text reading backward and whatever you are doing on your right side is happening on the right side of the screen.

With this attribute, you will have an option to save your mirrored selfie that will surely look cool and unique depending upon how you take it.

If you are thinking about taking a picture exactly the way you see on your screen, you can do that by clicking on the Settings option and then opening the Camera option. After this, you just need to toggle the new Mirror Front Camera.

Hopefully, you are clear about the attributes related to iOS 14. Will come up with something more refreshing in the next release. Till then stay hooked to the iPhone!


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