Rumours About iPhone 12: Let’s Check The Expected Attributes Part 1

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Rumours About iPhone 12: Let’s Check The Expected Attributes Part 1

Excited about the iPhone 12? Continuously browsing about the attributes it will come up with? Well, we are very close but, yes Apple can change or modify these attributes anytime in the future. So, today, we are here to fulfill your expectations with iPhone 12’s attributes that will make this device worthwhile.

These attributes have been taken from the trusted sources but, it still can be changed or modified as stated above. So, you can take these iPhone attributes as expected ones and make your reviews accordingly. As there is a lot of time still left for everything to be finalized, we have come up with the expected features that will make your iPhone 12 experience a bit different.

So, below mentioned are the attributes, that you can expect to be there in the iPhone 12, check it out:

Box Without Charger or Earbuds

Firstly the new update about your upcoming iPhone 12 is that it will be coming without any charger and earbuds. Earlier there was a rumor stating that this version of the iPhone will be launched with the infusion of lightning ear pods and a charger. But, now Apple has decided to go against this decision so that they get the cost down and exclusively make it easier for one to purchase this device. In fact, it has been in the news that Apple will be providing Air pods or ear pods at a very discounted price and the charger will also be available at very low rates.


Another major update on the line-up for iPhone 12 is that it will be released without the infusion of a USB-C port. This feature was released with the 2018 iPad Pro and it was expected that it would make its mark on the iPhone as well with the inaugural iPhone 12. But, according to the speculations, it is quite true that this device will not be getting a go ahead with a USB-C port. So, this means that Apple will be using the same connector that it introduced with the iPhone 5 and is acting a bit slow with USB-C.

Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization

Another major update about the iPhone 12 Pro Max is that it will be getting a boost in its screen inches. It will get bigger from 6.5 inches to 6.7 inches. Not only this, but it is also being stated that this upgrade will also include sensor-shift image stabilization that can be a perfect solution to have for the ultra-wide camera. This means that the camera will work by just moving the sensor. So, if you shake your iPhone, it will be detected by the camera’s accelerometers and will help you with a response right away.

So, these are the major releases being rumored with the iPhone 12 launch. According to the sources, these are confirmed attributes that you might find in your iPhone 12. There are many more in line that we will share with you in our next post-release. Till then wish you a good day!

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