Applecare+ Just Became A Must-Have Add-On to Your Apple Device

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Applecare+ Just Became A Must-Have Add-On to Your Apple Device

Yes, you read it right in the title, AppleCare+ has become a must add-on for all the Apple devices. Though it was not discussed during the time of Apple’s Time Flies Event, Apple has exclusively made a significant modification when it comes to AppleCare+ insurance program. The changes done to this program have not affected the costs but, instead are being benefited with a lot more for your investment this time around.

Let’s dig deep and check what are the changes that Apple has exclusively come up with this program, read along.

If you check with the terms of the earlier program, you might find that your device will be insured for two instances of accidental damage. But, now things have changed in the respective 24-month policy as Apple has exclusively changed it to now two accidental damage covered per year. That means you will be able to claim four times which is the double of the earlier issue.

When it comes to usual deductibles, earlier it used to apply for $49 for iPad repairs, $29 for iPhone screen repair, $69 for Watch repairs, and many more. But now things have changed again as you’ll not have to fret about considering one of your situations even for the small scratch on your screen.

This time, you are not able to carry forward the unused claims as and when the year completes. But, yes, you will have the benefit of 2 fresh new claims every second year of the policy. When it comes to Apple’s Theft and Loss plan, you will be acknowledging that the same terms are into implementation. Now it costs a fixed charge of $149 per iPhone replacements whatever be the model of your device. So, if you are highly reputed when it comes to damaging your phone more often than not, using this program is surely worth it.

Another update that you will be getting is that you will have a little more time when it comes to completing the sign-up process. As and when you complete your 60-day time period to get yourself registered online with Apple, you will have around a year in your hand to get your device registered with AppleCare+. All you have to do is to bring it to the nearest Apple store. Just like before a normal diagnostic and inspection of your device will be done before getting your registered.

So, this was the new update related to AppleCare+. Hopefully, it was useful! Will come up with something more fascinating in the next post. Cheers!

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