How to Disconnect an Xbox One controller with your iPhone or iPad

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How to Disconnect an Xbox One controller with your iPhone or iPad

So, in the last news article, we learned how to connect your Xbox One controller with your iPad or iPhone, now we are to help you with the next thing that comes in your mind. Yes, we will help you get an idea about having your iPhone or iPad disconnected with the respective Xbox One controller.

We understand things can get complicated if you do not have any much knowledge of how you can get disconnected. Taking any wrong step can even prove to be costly. So, it is wise enough for you to check and take the next step so that you can get your disconnection done without any kind of difficulty.

How To Get It Disconnected?

As and when you are done with your gaming and are thinking about how to switch it off, we will help you with it. All you have to do is to press or hold the Xbox button for a few seconds and it will get off. Now you can also do the same with the assistance of the Control Center option you have on your iPad or iPhone.

Below mentioned are a few of the steps that will help you have your Xbox One controller get disconnected conveniently in a matter of seconds through the Control Center, check it out

  • First, you need to press on the Control Center option on your iPhone that is Face ID-compatible. You need to swipe it diagonally right from the upper right portion of your device’s screen in the lower-left direction. If you are using the Touch ID-compatible iPhone, you need to swipe up from the bottom center of your iPhone display.
  • After this step, you need to press the Bluetooth icon and hold it down for a few seconds.
  • You will observe a menu popping up, where you need to press and hold the Bluetooth icon for a few seconds and turn it off.
  • You will find the “Xbox Wireless Controller” in the pop-up options. You just need to Press on it, and the controller will get disconnected right away.

This is the most convenient way of getting disconnected from your Xbox One controller through your Apple device.

There is one more way that is not that convenient, check that out:

  • Press Bluetooth after opening your Settings Application.
  • You will find the “Xbox Wireless Controller” Under the My Devices section. At the right, you’ll find a letter “i” which has been surrounded by a blue circle. You need to press on it.
  • As and when the menu pops up, you need to press Disconnect. The controller will stop working instantly.

This is inconvenient because you might accidentally start your controller again by pressing the same again. So, you will have to repeat the steps. Hopefully, you are clear with all the ways to disconnect your Controller. Have a good day.

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