How You Can Make The Most Out of App Library in iOS 14?

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How You Can Make The Most Out of App Library in iOS 14?

Before iOS 14, one of the biggest issues with iOS was that every application you’ve downloaded ever has to be around your home screen. You will have folders, you will be able to have multiple home screens, but still, you will not be able to hide an application that you are not using on regular notice.

But, now with the release of iOS 14, things have changed surely. Now not only will you be able to put Widgets on the home screen, but you will also be able to remove the applications without having to uninstall them! This is all now possible because of the top-level screen acknowledged in the name of the App Library. This will have all the apps installed on your iPhone. Yes, it is more like a drawer where you will find all the applications as per your needs.

If you will be able to use your App Library properly, you will certainly be able to keep your iPhone a lot more organized and tidy. It will help you find the applications you need with ease.

App Library Organization

As and when you have installed iOS 14, you’ll get to see the App Library at the right-hand side of your last home screen. All you have to do is swipe three times and surely find your blessing in disguise application in the name of the App Library.

You will not have to get your screen organized. In fact, you will not be able to organize it. You will have all your applications available in the four-square boxes. You need to use these boxes according to your specific needs.

When it comes to the upper left box, it reflects the term Suggestions. You will find four applications that SIRI has acknowledged that you are using the most on the particular time and location. Things do get smarter the more you get to use it on your iPhone. All these suggestions are calculated based on the on-device data as the application is using all that you do to help you accordingly.

When it comes to the upper right side, you will be able to acknowledge an option named as Recently Added. This option is self-explanatory as it will show the applications that you have installed recently for your specific needs.

So, this shows how things get easier for you to find the application or hide whenever you are not interested in using it for a specific amount of time. You will have everything organized and clear in your iPhone as you just need to tap the App Library option and exclusively you will have all the data you need.

Hopefully, you are clear how Appl Library is actually making a whole lot of sense. It does make it easy for you to use your iPhone without any difficulty whatsoever. In the next article, we will come up with some even more fascinating features of the iPhone. Till then have a good day!

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