3 Applications Killing Your iPhone’s Battery

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3 Applications Killing Your iPhone’s Battery

When it comes to application’s rules and regulations, Apple is a lot more strict when compared to Google. It is not easy to get the application published in the Apple store. But, still there are more than 2 million applications there in the store to choose as per your specific needs.

There is no doubt in stating that most of the applications can be really helpful but, you need to be careful while getting it downloaded for your specific needs. With applications having a good hold on your data can certainly cost you a lot. But, with a few settings, you can keep things at bay and keep your data safe.

Not only your data, but these applications can also be the reasons behind your device charge draining quite quickly. You might even be surprised behind the application’s name behind the battery drainage. If you are thinking about how you save your iPhone’s battery, we have something for you. Below mentioned are a few of the applications that are playing a big role in killing off the charge in your iPhone, check it out:

Social Networking Applications

You might be shocked to see that your favorite social media platforms are actually the ones who are using the batter the most. From Facebook to Instagram, you might not even know and these applications can drastically bring the charge down. But just with few setting changes, it can help you save your battery life. You just need to make sure that these applications are not running in the background. It can be done with ease. So, this will make your iPhone stop working overtime for these social media platforms and help you save good battery life.

Location Maps

There is no doubt in stating how important it is for one to use Google Maps. But, not many know that it actually plays a significant hand in making battery charge suffer. So, before it’s too late you need to act quickly. No, you will not have to uninstall the application, there is a way out with which, you will surely be able to make a deal out of it. You just need to make sure that the maps are not updating themselves while it is not in use. You can do the same by turning off the GPS mode and shutting it down when not in use.


There are messengers that will help you have an excellent time but will not have any soft corner for your battery. Applications like Snapchat will surely keep you hooked but, you might not know that it is the application that is making your battery suffer the most. So, you need to ensure that the steps are taken to save your battery from this headache. You must make sure that there is nothing running in the background to disturb your battery while not being in use.

So, these are the different aspects that you need to keep in mind to save your iPhone battery from working overtime for different purposes. Following the steps mentioned above will help you have your iPhone running smoothly for years to come. Hopefully, you enjoyed the write-up. Cheers!

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