iPhone Users To Avail These Attributes in WhatsApp

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iPhone Users To Avail These Attributes in WhatsApp

Here we come again with some exciting news for iPhone and Whatsapp fans. It has been reported that the most popular messenger application in the name of Whatsapp is going to roll out some of the best and most exciting attributes in the coming few days and it will only be for iPhone users.

In fact, according to recent reports, Whatsapp has already come up with few of the exciting batch of attributes in its new version of for the beta users. This version exclusively comes up with the options like shortcut to catalogue, always mute, and expiring media traces. Aren’t the features quite amazing,

And as these features have already been in the beta application, there is a huge probability that the company will surely get them in to use for the general users as well. This can be done even in the next few days. So, keep your fingers crossed and be ready to enjoy your iPhones even more than anyone else in the world.

Always Mute Option

Mute option is already there in the Whatsapp application which we all know about. Now it is coming up with the Always mute option that means the users will now get a power to put a specific person or group on permanent mute mode. At present, this option is only featuring the mute option to work for 1 year but, with this update you will be able to mute someone permanently. So, it will be replaced by a 1 year option and help you get the group muted for lifelong time. A much needed attribute for sure!

Catalogue Shortcut

When it comes to catalogue shortcuts, you will be getting a feature that allows you to avail a single call button for all your business chats. As and when the user will tap on the respective button, it will show the options available to make calls. So, when you will have your business catalog configured in the application, you will have a shortcut that will be there in the navigation bar as well.

Expiring Media

Lastly, it has been heard that the feature of expiring media that was always spotted with the Android users as well is also under the scanner for the iPhone users. But, yes, there is no particular timeline available for the same that defines the expiry date of the media files. According to report, you will have a button with which you will be able to fix the expiry of the media files you have in your whatsapp application.

So, these are the attributes that are going to be launched soon in the Whatsapp application and also just for the iPhone users. These features are certainly quite an exciting one and surely the ones that we were waiting for quite some time now! Hopefully it will be rolled out soon. Will come up with another fascinating news on iPhone. Till then have a great day!

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