Apple Is Paying $113 Million After Slowing Down Old iPhone Models

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Apple Is Paying $113 Million After Slowing Down Old iPhone Models

Apple is surely a trustworthy brand for everyone who needs cutting-edge technology and doesn’t want any compromises on productivity. With each passing day, Apple files new patents and design new products that are designed to improve the user experience. With this being said, there are a plethora of products to look forward to.

However, it looks like Apple has only favored the consumers that have the latest technology and products in their hands. With this being said, Apple has been under the fire for slowing down the iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and iPhone SE. This news broke down in 2016 but Apple pretty much managed to cover up the allegation by naming it the battery-gate.

With this being said, Apple is no longer accepting any interviews and questions regarding the matter. That’s to say because Apple had previously released the statement that they slowed down these iPhone models for the sake of preserving the battery as well as the battery life. Back in 2016, Apple launched the software update that throttled the chipping speeds on the older models.

Progressively in the year 2017, Apple accepted the fact that they reduced the power demand because the researchers and analysts have lined out the unusual slowdowns. According to some states, Apple should have replaced the batteries or should have disclosed the issue as soon as they occurred. There were multiple filings and Arizona filing is one of them.

So, according to the Arizona filing, millions of Apple users struggled with the power shutdowns but Apple has shaken their head that they did it for the financial benefits. According to the majority of users, Apple slowed down the old iPhone models only because they wanted to motivate the consumers to invest in the latest iPhone models.

Apple understood the concerns of the consumers but they didn’t admit that they broke the law or did something wrong. With this being said, Apple has promised that they will ensure the provision of truthful information about the power management in the iPhones in the forthcoming years (around three years).

The information will be provided through the software updates, settings, and the official website. Well, you can determine that Apple has been under lucrative fire and multiple lawsuits have been filed by the users. However, Apple has developed the settlement to take care of these allegations. As for now, Apple is going through a legal battle with Epic Games.

So, it’s a bad time for Apple because they are being accused of the slow-downs and are fighting the legal battles as well. As far as the settlement is concerned, Apple has agreed on paying $113 million given the slowing down of dated iPhone models. However, this settlement is pretty different as compared to what happened in March.

That’s to say because Apple agreed to pay around $500 million to the affected iPhone users during the class action lawsuit. With this being said, Apple has owned up to their actions (indirectly) by paying the money, because that’s what rolls at Apple, the money!

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