Apple & Facebook Are In The Battlefield Of Privacy

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Apple & Facebook Are In The Battlefield Of Privacy

You wake up in the morning, pick up your iPhone, and open the Facebook app to find the latest updates, right? With this being said, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Apple and Facebook are two giants that everyone has for themselves, right? Well, it turns out that Apple isn’t having good relations with Facebook since there is a game of criticization going on.

Yes, Apple has criticized Facebook for collecting the data from the users. Also, it says that Facebook is pushing ahead with the launch of their latest privacy feature (the launch was already planned). Facebook has been getting various objections from the myriad of advertising agencies but they have still pushed forward the launch of the privacy feature.

The criticization statement was passed by the director of global privacy, Jane Horvath. This criticism was conducted through the letter, accrediting to the coalition of the privacy groups. However, they will still launch a privacy feature. According to details, this privacy feature will require the users to allow the developers to keep track of their in-app activities.

According to Horvath, they have developed the app tracking transparency only for one reason; the reason is that they want to share the concerns about the users who are being tracked without permission. In addition, the consent will matter about the data bundling and reselling through the brokers and advertising agencies.

Even more, she has defended the approach of targeted adverts since these are based on the demographic details instead of the user tracking configuration. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Facebook and other platforms have a different approach to targeting. This is because they allow the user grouping into much smaller segments while offering detailed data.

The detailed data will be provided about the users’ online browsing activity for the prime reason for targeting the ads. On the other hand, Facebook has cleared up its intent for collecting the data. As per her statement about Facebook’s executives, they want to collect data across first-party and third-party podiums for monetizing the detailed profiles.

However, Facebook didn’t stay silent about this either and came with a strong rebuttal. According to Facebook, this might seem like privacy but it is way more about the profit spikes. Even more, Facebook questioned how Apple dominates the market position through its data collection and literally restricting others to use the data.

As far as the privacy feature is concerned, it’s named to be the ATT feature and is expected to make its debut in early 2021. With this feature, the apps on the iPad and iPhone will ask for the user’s permission before saving or accessing the data. The data will be named as an identifier for advertisers. However, the advertising agencies are fearful that they won’t be able to able to personalize the adverts.

This feature was postponed by Apple back in September because they wanted to give more time for preparation. With this being said, this feature will play a crucial role in vital policy improvement.

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