Apple Is Offering Free Touch Screen Repair For iPhone 11

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Apple Is Offering Free Touch Screen Repair For iPhone 11

Apple is the name of premium factor and luxury and people have been hoarding them for a long time. Every year around September, Apple releases new products that help them match the new tech standards and the needs of the consumer base. With this being said, last year, Apple launched the iPhone 11 lineup and it’s sad to say that users had been struggling with the touch issues. So, if you have the iPhone from iPhone 11 lineup and struggling with the touch issues, Apple is here to the rescue.

According to Apple, they have stated that they would replace the iPhone 11 lineup device’s touch screen for free. The touch screen repairing can be harnessed from Apple if the issue is because of the display module. These touch screen issues were predominant in the iPhone 11 devices that were manufactured from November 2019 to May 2020. According to the company, they have determined that the pesky percentage of iPhone 11 displays tend not to respond when you touch the screen since there is an issue regarding the display module.

With this being said, if the iPhone 11 has such a touch screen issue, Apple suggests that you can use the serial number checker to determine if the device is up for this free repair. If you are eligible for this new program, the services will be provided through Apple Authorized Service Provider will repair the touch screen issue for free. The eligibility to the program can be checked by putting the serial number of iPhone 11 on the official Apple website for the replacement and repairing services.

According to the officials, if you suspected a similar touch screen issue before Apple acknowledged the issue and get it repaired from the official Apple Repair Center, you can ask for a refund. As per the new program, it will cover the iPhone 11 devices for around two years, after the first retail sale of the iPhone 11. On the other hand, there are some limitations associated with the program because there might be some hidden costs involved.

To begin with, if there is a damaged screen that can impact the repair services, Apple will need to resolve the prior issues and that might add to the costs, so there will be additional repair costs. As for now, this free repair program is only available for the iPhone 11 model, rather than the entire iPhone 11 lineup, such as the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max. The users can also make an appointment or contact the authorized service providers.

For this program, Apple is offering the mail-in service, so you can send off your iPhone 11 for free repair. Apple has suggested that the users backup the iPhones before sending them for the service.

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