Apple App Store Is Targeted By The North Dakota Lawmakers

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Apple App Store Is Targeted By The North Dakota Lawmakers

Apple has been pretty active for the past couple of months. Ranging from filing lawsuits to other companies and getting filed against, there has been an unprecedented balance (or not?). The latest news is that Apple is now facing the prospect of eliminating the anti-competitive practices. These practices are linked to the App Store that is being deployed in North Dakota. There are chances that the bill should be passed for the law development.

According to this potential law, the digital application distribution platform with more than $10 million annual revenue will be imperiled to the legislation. With this being said, the leading platforms like Google Play Store might be impacted by this new legislation as well. Truth be told, it seems like Google Play Store and Apple App Store will be the main targets. According to this bill, the huge-scale app stores will be prohibited from demanding the uniqueness for selling.

In case the bill is passed, the US Congress will try to encourage similar legislation in other states. The bill is being sponsored by the state senator, Kyle Davison. According to his statement in the press conference, 30% of sales commission charged by the Google Play Store and Apple App Store is raising the prices and reducing consumers’ choices. This model is the model of clarity, which means the platforms with more than $10 million cannot conduct these practices.

On the contrary, it’s essential to note down that Epic Games is already locked in the legal battle with Apple regarding these matters. This happened when Fortnite launched their own payment processing podium, so they could avoid the sales commission. According to Apple’s chief privacy engineer, this bill is threatening to destroy the iPhone, and it will also undermine security, privacy, performance, and safety.

In addition, they meant that Apple has these rules to ensure there are no ineffective apps on the Apple App Store, but this bill is likely to let in such apps. Currently, this bill is being discussed for North Dakota, and if passed, it will only impact the app store functionality only in that state. Once the bill is passed, Apple will need to make substantial changes to the app store podium, which is highly likely to impact the software distribution.

For the same reason, if the bill is passed, there are chances that the bills will be encouraged in other states. Besides, the US Congress will crimp down the profits, and the compliance costs will be higher, especially when the legal prerequisites will change from state to state. According to Apple’s annual meeting, these are the antitrust actions, and they will become the risk. With that being said, Apple has released the update for App Store guidelines to prohibit the sale and promotions.

According to Apple, the apps that market vape products and tobacco will not be permitted to work on App Store. So, let’s see how the legislations change the Apple’s functionality and processing!

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