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Finally, Apple Is Going To Launch iPhone 12 series at its ‘Hi, Speed’ Event Today

Finally, Apple Is Going To Launch iPhone 12 series at its ‘Hi, Speed’ Event Today

Finally, the time has come when Apple is going to host one of the biggest events of 2020. It has been probably one of the most expected events all around the world with Apple going to launch it’s fresh iPhone 12 series. The respective ‘Hi, Speed’ event organized today on 13th October 2020 will certainly bring out some of the best models of Apple iPhone today.

In fact, it is going to come up with its over the ear headphones and new smart speaker that is a lot more effective and most importantly affordable. The list is quite long and there is a lot more to be in the store today at the Hi Speed event. This event has been organized online and was live-streamed. You will be able to access this Hi Speed event online from the Apple Park and also from the Steve Jobs Theatre based in Cupertino.

In fact, the event was also live streamed via YouTube so, you can also go there and check out the amazing products Apple has launched in the meantime. The live stream was all about Apple bringing out the expected iPhone 12 models into play. You can get a complete look now at the most expected device of 2020 in terms of iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 mini. In fact, it is also going to launch the smallest iPhone that will come with a 5.4 inch display infused with the best of specs.

You will be able to finally cut all the rumors and check with the real specs of the iPhone 12 series models that will be coming with a bigger screen and how affordable will it actually be to make many get the best benefit out of it. The device is expected to have 5G connectivity and what more is it going to have in store to help you have complete value for money.

To know more about the event, you can always visit Apple’s official website as each and every information will be mentioned there about it. In fact, you will also be able to watch the event and relish this historical occasion to the fullest. You can also relish the most about the event through your Apple TV as well through the iOS YouTube application. In fact, this event will also highlight more about the feature named A14 Bionic processor and the LiDar scanner.

So, this shows how amazing this event is going to be and what more Apple is coming up to shake up the mobile industry. Hopefully, you’ll be able to enjoy this event to the fullest. Coming up with an even more interesting post in the next write-up till then do have a great time and stay safe! Cheers!

Get Ready For Smart iPhone Cases

Get Ready For Smart iPhone Cases

There are many who have damaged their iPhones even with the cases. It does cost a lot to get the screen or glasses replaced. In fact, the chances of losing out on important data and work will also be a big burden to face. Apple is looking precisely in the respective situation and pretty soon coming up with an idea of a smart case that will help you have your phone company safe and secure from all kinds of damage.

What Is a Smart iPhone Case?

As the name suggests, you will have a lot more smart case attached to your device that will save it from being damaged while in motion. Apple has designed a strategy that will help you have a new smart case that will get a lot stronger by changing the material composition as and when it detects motion. So, your expensive iPhone will surely be a lot more safe and the damage will not be done.

It will be a huge success to have as not only this smart case will help you save time but also money. You will have your phone free of all damage even if it falls accidentally. There will be no loss of data and you will continue your work without any disruption. Though it is wise for you to be careful while using your phone.

What Will Make Smart iPhone Case So Dependable?

If you are thinking how a Smart iPhone case will help you save your device from being damaged then we will help you with the process it will follow that will ensure that nothing has been harmed. When it comes to the iPhone smart case, it will basically take electro-mechanical material into consideration for the purpose of detecting a fall. As and when it detects a fall or a motion it hardens itself and makes sure that your iPhone is completely safe and secure from the fall.

Yes, there is no prototype of this concept available yet but, the company has got itself registered with a patent of bringing this concept into play. It will use active electro-mechanical materials that will ensure that the iPhones are protected from any kind of impact that is caused when it falls accidentally on the floor.

The electro-mechanical materials might get infused in the protective cases that will ensure that you already have a device that will save itself from being damaged. The regular iPhone battery case that will come with the connector that will work to save your iPhone during the time of an accident. So, you will no more be worried about the nasty fall of your device that can damage critical elements in it.

It is also subjected that the active electromagnetically materials can also be taken into consideration as gaskets or seals that will prevent or reduce any kind of air ingress or moisture in the phones that will skip the chances of its fall. In fact, the active electro-mechanical materials can also be taken into utilization to enhance the damping amount that is required to protect your device sufficiently when it slips off from your hand.

So, this shows how Apple is coming up with a smart case that will ensure that your iPhone is completely safe and secure from all kinds of falls. This will certainly save us a lot of time and money. Waiting for this invention so that we can have our iPhones complete protected!

We will come up with another fascinating topic in the next post. Have a good day!

Here We Present You The Most Popular iPhone Accessory in the World

Here We Present You The Most Popular iPhone Accessory in the World

When it comes to the iPhone, there are a number of popular devices that we keep talking about. It has over the years gifted us with some of the most fascinating designs and configurations that we love to use and carry. But, if you are thinking about what can be the most popular iPhone accessory in the business then you have certainly learned yourself on the right page.

The iPhone has been a huge success all over the world and it sells its devices because of the quality it brings in to play with every single product. It has been seen that the iPhone is not only filling Apple’s coffers but also helping many other businesses that are dealing with its accessories. In fact, it has been predicted that the global Apple accessory is certainly going to be more than a $27 billion market in the coming years.

Coming back to the topic of what can be the most popular iPhone accessory in the business then it has to be a screen protector or screen guard. It is needed all around the world. When it comes to Apple, it is the most popular brand in the world and there is no doubt iPhone is the most in-demand product in this industry. This is the reason why the need for iPhone screen guards is increasing with every passing day. Due to this, it has exclusively become one of the most important accessories required in the respective industry.

The need for a screen guard and protector is on the rise because it ensures that the devices are safe and secure if there is any kind of accident in the making. According to research, it has been seen that the affordable iPhone has surely been one of the most important factors that help it grow even bigger. With affordable devices, the demand of the device grew and so did the need for the screen guard and protector to make sure that the device is completely safe and secure.

This doesn’t mean that the quality of glass used in iPhones is quite low. But, having a good security measurement by your side is certainly a good move to make. This is why the demand for screen guards and protectors is rising with every passing day and eventually, it has become one of the most popular iPhone accessories in the business.

These screen guards play a big role in protecting the glasses and screen of these expensive devices and help you have your iPad or iPhone safe for all situations. So, to keep the iPhone safe and secure, the demand for screen guard in the Apple accessories market has got a lot more. In fact, it is predicted that it will get more popular in the upcoming releases and continue to rule the market.

Hopefully, you are clear about the most popular Apple accessories in the business. We will come up with even more fascinating news in the nest segment. Till then have a good day.

iPhone Users To Avail These Attributes in WhatsApp

iPhone Users To Avail These Attributes in WhatsApp

Here we come again with some exciting news for iPhone and Whatsapp fans. It has been reported that the most popular messenger application in the name of Whatsapp is going to roll out some of the best and most exciting attributes in the coming few days and it will only be for iPhone users.

In fact, according to recent reports, Whatsapp has already come up with few of the exciting batch of attributes in its new version of for the beta users. This version exclusively comes up with the options like shortcut to catalogue, always mute, and expiring media traces. Aren’t the features quite amazing,

And as these features have already been in the beta application, there is a huge probability that the company will surely get them in to use for the general users as well. This can be done even in the next few days. So, keep your fingers crossed and be ready to enjoy your iPhones even more than anyone else in the world.

Always Mute Option

Mute option is already there in the Whatsapp application which we all know about. Now it is coming up with the Always mute option that means the users will now get a power to put a specific person or group on permanent mute mode. At present, this option is only featuring the mute option to work for 1 year but, with this update you will be able to mute someone permanently. So, it will be replaced by a 1 year option and help you get the group muted for lifelong time. A much needed attribute for sure!

Catalogue Shortcut

When it comes to catalogue shortcuts, you will be getting a feature that allows you to avail a single call button for all your business chats. As and when the user will tap on the respective button, it will show the options available to make calls. So, when you will have your business catalog configured in the application, you will have a shortcut that will be there in the navigation bar as well.

Expiring Media

Lastly, it has been heard that the feature of expiring media that was always spotted with the Android users as well is also under the scanner for the iPhone users. But, yes, there is no particular timeline available for the same that defines the expiry date of the media files. According to report, you will have a button with which you will be able to fix the expiry of the media files you have in your whatsapp application.

So, these are the attributes that are going to be launched soon in the Whatsapp application and also just for the iPhone users. These features are certainly quite an exciting one and surely the ones that we were waiting for quite some time now! Hopefully it will be rolled out soon. Will come up with another fascinating news on iPhone. Till then have a great day!

Hidden Qualities That Your iPhone Is Carrying

Hidden Qualities That Your iPhone Is Carrying


All types of devices have their own advantages and disadvantages. Whether you are using iPhones or Android, you will always have something to say about. It has been seen that people still miss out on the qualities that are hidden but still there for one to make the most out of it. The qualities that your smartphone brings to you makes things a lot more convenient for you.

If you are using an iPhone and are thinking about what more it has to offer then you have certainly landed yourself on the right page. We are here to help you with some of its hidden attributes that will surely help you get the most out of your device:

Using the keyboard in the form of a trackpad

You might not know this but, the iPhone keyboard can be used as a trackpad. Yes, with the help of this hidden attribute, you will actually be able to locate the cursor a lot more accurately than you think. In fact, you are also able to jump to your segment by tapping on the screen. But, to use this facility you must use the iPhone that comes with 3D touch capabilities. This feature will be available in devices like iPhone 6s and newer ones. Another amazing aspect is that it also works perfectly in all types of iPad.

To activate the trackpad attribute, you need to hold the keyboard for a few seconds. As and when the keyboard gets blank, you will be moving in the zone of the trackpad. So, you will just have to just drag your finger and place it on the text.

Leveling Attribute

iPhone also comes with a built-in tool that will surely assist you all around the house. You might not even know that the measurement application that comes in your iOS device will also help you with leveling capabilities. Even if you know, you might not have noticed the amazing attributes it brings into play. All you have to do is to open the Measure application and then press the Level button present on the right-hand side.

With the help of this application, you will surely be able to measure the level of the surfaces without any difficulty whatsoever. You just need to tap on the screen and ensure that the angle set is equal to zero.

Use of backspace In Calculator

If you are frequent users of the iOS calculator application, you might make a mistake of mistyping the numbers and you have to start the calculation all over again. But, there is a hidden functionality of the backspace in the iOS Calculator. You wil not have to go back to zero and start your calculation again after making a mistake. You just need to swipe left or right at the top of the screen where you will have your numbers displayed. This motion actually behaves as a backspace command and you will be able to rectify your mistake.

So, this new attribute is certainly an add-on that most of us didn’t know. It will surely save us a lot of time.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed these secret attributes that you might find on your iPhone. Will come up with more fascinating updates in the next post. Cheers!

3 Secret Attribute that Every iPhone User Must Know

3 Secret Attribute that Every iPhone User Must Know

When it comes to the iPhone, it is not only the most powerful smartphone you might but also the most popular device available on Earth. But, there are not many who know about the surprising secrets this phone carries with itself. So, if you are using an iPhone, we bring you some of the most unique attributes of your device that will certainly surprise you and help you as well.

Take a look some of the secret features of your iPhone that you must never miss knowing:


Did you know that your iPhone’s LED can be used for alerts? It will start flashing whenever there is an alert on your iPhone, the LED will start blinking. So, you will not be able to miss out on any new massage now while attending an event. As if your iPhone is on a desk and you missed the vibration the flashing will help you catch the attention of the calls and various other notifications. The most fascinating part of this attribute is that it is developed within iOS, so you will not have to install any applications of the third-party source.

How To Use It:

  • Got to setting’s application
  • Open general option
  • Go to accessibility
  • You need to scroll down and open the Hearing section
  • After this, you need to go to Audio/Visual
  • You will have to Toggle LED Flash and live the magic

Send Someone A Kiss

As the message applications have now infused with a digital touch, now it is possible for one to now also shares drawings, emojis, and kisses. If you are thinking about how you will bale to send kisses to your loved ones with the use of this Digital Touch option, then take a look:

How To Use It:

  • Go to the Messages application
  • Start a new chat.
  • Press the Digital Touch icon represented in the form of a heart with two fingers.
  • If you press two fingers, it will make a virtual kiss. When you press and hold two fingers, you’ll get a virtual heartbreak sign.
  • You can send the icons as per your needs and make your chats even more lively.

Virtual Measuring Tape

With the assistance of your iPhone, you will also avail an attribute that will help you measure your objects without any difficulty at all! So, when you have misplaced your measuring tape, there is nothing to stress as you have your iPhone to help you with it. The application will use the AR attribute and give you the approximate result that may or may not be completely accurate.

How To Use It:

  • Press and open the application
  • You will find an option to move your device.
  • There will be a circle on the screen. YOu will have to move the circle to the object that you desire to measure.
  • As and when you press the + sign you will start measuring the object.
  • The measure will automatically calculate the dimensions and weight and help you with the approximate numbers.
  • You can save the measurements as well.

Wrapping Up

So, these are some of the fascinating features brought you by your iPhone device. Use it and bring the best out of your iPhone. Will come up with another fascinating post till then have a good day!

3 Applications Killing Your iPhone’s Battery

3 Applications Killing Your iPhone’s Battery

When it comes to application’s rules and regulations, Apple is a lot more strict when compared to Google. It is not easy to get the application published in the Apple store. But, still there are more than 2 million applications there in the store to choose as per your specific needs.

There is no doubt in stating that most of the applications can be really helpful but, you need to be careful while getting it downloaded for your specific needs. With applications having a good hold on your data can certainly cost you a lot. But, with a few settings, you can keep things at bay and keep your data safe.

Not only your data, but these applications can also be the reasons behind your device charge draining quite quickly. You might even be surprised behind the application’s name behind the battery drainage. If you are thinking about how you save your iPhone’s battery, we have something for you. Below mentioned are a few of the applications that are playing a big role in killing off the charge in your iPhone, check it out:

Social Networking Applications

You might be shocked to see that your favorite social media platforms are actually the ones who are using the batter the most. From Facebook to Instagram, you might not even know and these applications can drastically bring the charge down. But just with few setting changes, it can help you save your battery life. You just need to make sure that these applications are not running in the background. It can be done with ease. So, this will make your iPhone stop working overtime for these social media platforms and help you save good battery life.

Location Maps

There is no doubt in stating how important it is for one to use Google Maps. But, not many know that it actually plays a significant hand in making battery charge suffer. So, before it’s too late you need to act quickly. No, you will not have to uninstall the application, there is a way out with which, you will surely be able to make a deal out of it. You just need to make sure that the maps are not updating themselves while it is not in use. You can do the same by turning off the GPS mode and shutting it down when not in use.


There are messengers that will help you have an excellent time but will not have any soft corner for your battery. Applications like Snapchat will surely keep you hooked but, you might not know that it is the application that is making your battery suffer the most. So, you need to ensure that the steps are taken to save your battery from this headache. You must make sure that there is nothing running in the background to disturb your battery while not being in use.

So, these are the different aspects that you need to keep in mind to save your iPhone battery from working overtime for different purposes. Following the steps mentioned above will help you have your iPhone running smoothly for years to come. Hopefully, you enjoyed the write-up. Cheers!

5 Pro Tips And Techniques On How You can Report Using The iPhone

5 Pro Tips And Techniques On How You can Report Using The iPhone

Are you a mobile journalist? Are you thinking about how you will be able to use the iPhone for reporting? Well, you have certainly landed yourself on the right page. We are here to help you with a few of the tips that will help you use your iPhone in the best way possible to report and make an impact.

Below mentioned are a few of the techniques and strategies that can make it easy for your make your reporting success with the use of an iPhone, check it out:

Multi-layered audio editing:

With the assistance of your iPhone, you will be able to consider going for multi-layered audio editing. You can download the application like VeriCoders which will help you cut, edit and exclusively merge your clips according to your specific needs and that too on a multi-layered screen. You will certainly find audio quality quite good and this will help you enhance your broadcasting or reporting with the help of your iPhone itself.

Say No To Calls:

During the time of reporting or recording of an event or special coverage, you must make sure that your iPhone is placed on the podium but making sure that it is set on airplane mode. Because if there is any call coming during the time of coverage, it will completely stop the recording feature of VeriCoder. So, you must ensure that your phone is out of the network to have seamless reporting.


When it comes to the iPhone, there is no possibility of microphone lifts. But, you can beat that with the use of super glue. You just need to attach a piece of foam inside the microchip clip and in this way, it will hold your device without causing any damage to the surface.


When you are going to record a video, it is important that you ensure that the audio quality is as good as possible. But, this can be really tricky just with the use of your iPhone. As the microphone points in the opposite direction of the interviewee, you might fail to get the required voice quality. This problem can be resolved just with the infusion of an extension speaker as it will help you hear yourself better on the record. Make sure that you are carrying a charger to overcome the battery issue as well.


You can always consider going for a Skype mobile application to get the best benefit out of live audio reports. It will help you with the best of signal facilities and make it easy for you to use while on the move. But, yes, you need to make sure that you are helping your application with the best network facilities as well.

So, these are the tips and tricks that will help you use your smartphone well in your favor to have an excellent reporting experience. Will come with another fascinating post, so remain connected! Cheers!


Making A Switch from Android to iPhone Made Convenient

Making A Switch from Android to iPhone Made Convenient

Have you decided to switch to the iPhone? Great! You have landed yourself on the right page. We are here to make your transition simple and easy. Yes, there are many who were complaining about the difficulty they were facing while transiting from Android to iPhone. But, now things have got a lot easier. We are to help you with the steps that will make your transition as seamless as possible.

So, what is making you think so long, just take your old Android device and new iPhone and make a switch without any difficulty?

Using The Move to iOS application

When it comes to Apple, it has a very unique and refreshing marketing page that talks about the reasons why you need to make a move from Android to iPhone. But, yes, the content is not advice rather a hype that has been created for one to make the shift now. To make a shift, a company does help its customers with a great resource in the name of an Android application!


  1. First, on your Android phone, you will have to download the Move to iOS app. This is available at the Google Play Store. Check that your Wi-Fi is enabled. As and when the download gets completed, you need to launch the respective application.
  2. As and when you have your Move to iOS app ready, you will start with your new iPhone setting. While setup gets started, you will find a range of options available to restore all the applications data. You will have to choose Move Data from Android
  3. If you have exciting set up your iPhone without restoring your data, you can erase it all and then get started again as stated. Doing so will certainly worth the time as you will have everything that you want from your old device.
  4. When you get started with the process, you will find a string of numbers reflected on your iPhone device that you will have to enter on your old device. While doing the same, you might find your Android device complaining about weak Wi-Fi. But, that can be ignored as it is more of a side-effect of your Android device connected with the iPhone directly through Wi-Fi.
  5. After this, you’ll get an option of selecting the data and applications that you need to make a transfer to your iPhone from Android. You need to select the same and then press the Next button.

This is the process of transferring the data from Android phone to iPhone without any hassle whatsoever. The entire procedure might cost you an hour or a bit more as per the performance of your old device and the amount of data you have in the transfer. If you have any confusion while doing the same, you can find a Youtube video demonstrating the same.

Hopefully, now you will be able to make your shift to iPhone From Android without any difficulty. In the next post, we will come up with something more fascinating. Cheers!

How You Can Make The Most Out of App Library in iOS 14?

How You Can Make The Most Out of App Library in iOS 14?

Before iOS 14, one of the biggest issues with iOS was that every application you’ve downloaded ever has to be around your home screen. You will have folders, you will be able to have multiple home screens, but still, you will not be able to hide an application that you are not using on regular notice.

But, now with the release of iOS 14, things have changed surely. Now not only will you be able to put Widgets on the home screen, but you will also be able to remove the applications without having to uninstall them! This is all now possible because of the top-level screen acknowledged in the name of the App Library. This will have all the apps installed on your iPhone. Yes, it is more like a drawer where you will find all the applications as per your needs.

If you will be able to use your App Library properly, you will certainly be able to keep your iPhone a lot more organized and tidy. It will help you find the applications you need with ease.

App Library Organization

As and when you have installed iOS 14, you’ll get to see the App Library at the right-hand side of your last home screen. All you have to do is swipe three times and surely find your blessing in disguise application in the name of the App Library.

You will not have to get your screen organized. In fact, you will not be able to organize it. You will have all your applications available in the four-square boxes. You need to use these boxes according to your specific needs.

When it comes to the upper left box, it reflects the term Suggestions. You will find four applications that SIRI has acknowledged that you are using the most on the particular time and location. Things do get smarter the more you get to use it on your iPhone. All these suggestions are calculated based on the on-device data as the application is using all that you do to help you accordingly.

When it comes to the upper right side, you will be able to acknowledge an option named as Recently Added. This option is self-explanatory as it will show the applications that you have installed recently for your specific needs.

So, this shows how things get easier for you to find the application or hide whenever you are not interested in using it for a specific amount of time. You will have everything organized and clear in your iPhone as you just need to tap the App Library option and exclusively you will have all the data you need.

Hopefully, you are clear how Appl Library is actually making a whole lot of sense. It does make it easy for you to use your iPhone without any difficulty whatsoever. In the next article, we will come up with some even more fascinating features of the iPhone. Till then have a good day!

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