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The terms and conditions contained in this document (Terms of Service) form apply in addition to and must be read with the customer authorization form (Customer Authorization Form). The Terms of Service apply each time the customer (Customer) who submits a request for services through using a Customer Authorization Form, as provided on the website located at URL https://www.fix2apple.com.au (Site). This business website working under the Mobile Repair Shop Pty Ltd ACN 623 800 886 and using trading as Fix 2 Apple to provide services. Before proceeding, Customer’s must be aware that although Fix 2 Apple approaches all Services with care and diligence, there remains several risks.

1. Offers/Price

Offers/prices on our website/ online/local search engines/repair center are subject to change any time without prior intimation/notice. Offers are not in conjunction with any other promotions.

2. Quotation/Estimates:

All verbal quotes are free, and the customer can reject the quote and collect the handset unrepaired. Should you require a written report this will be charged at $39 Inc. GST payable before releasing the report. Fix 2 Apple will endeavor to fix its initial pricing on quotes; however, pricing may vary pending further inspection of mobile phones by the technician.

3. No fix No fee

If we are not able to fix your device following our repair work, you will not be charged a fee. Please note that liquid damaged phones are specifically excluded from our “no fix no fee” policy – please see the relevant section (7) on liquid damaged phones

4. Booking:

At the time of booking, Fix 2 Apple is only responsible for repair and services, which has been asked by the owner/clients/customer. We are not liable to check or assess any other repairs or issues except the job booked. No extra issue with the phone/laptop/computer will be covered in the same job. For e.g. if a glass screen is being replaced and home button/camera/speaker/or any other issue arise after the repair, then Fix 2 Apple is not responsible for that as only glass has been replaced and thus we are only responsible for glass screen. If any other issue comes up after the repair then client/customer is solely responsible to book and pay for another job and time frame will be at least minimum 1-5 working days depending on complexity of job booked, time of booking and parts availability.

5. Device Testing

Prior to conducting your repair, we will perform a full test and diagnostic on your device to determine the pre-repair condition of all phone features and functions so that we can be sure our repair process has not affected any feature or function of your device that was previously working. We will advise you if we are not able to complete all required tests – for example, due to the phone being locked, or the device not being charged. Please note that the Fix 2 Apple Six-Month warranty specifically excludes any issues or problems relating to phone features and functions that we were not able to verify as being fully operational prior to our repair.

6. Assessment Fee

This fee is a non-refundable service and ranges depending on the device. The fee is deducted from the total cost of the repair if you wish to proceed with the repair.

7. Water Damaged Repairs:

Some water damaged phones may require fixing to generate a quote for you, if the quote is declined, Fix 2 Apple will remove the parts replaced and return the phone back to you. If you make a booking for liquid damage repair, our “no fix no fee” policy does not apply, and you will be charged a non-refundable liquid damage inspection fee of $49 to cover the cost of our time and labor to inspect your phone. Our technician will try to fix the water damaged phone however there is no any guarantee that the phone always gets fixed. However, if we are able to successfully repair your liquid damaged device, we will waive the inspection fee, and you will only be charged for the parts and labor required to repair your device.

8. Sim/Memory Cards/ Stylus

Fix 2 Apple  staff will prompt the customers to remove Sim/Memory cards/Stylus upon booking, however the removal of these are solely responsibility of the customer and any that are left in the handset are done so by the customer at their own risk. Fix 2 Apple will not be held responsible for any lost and/or damage of sim or memory cards.

9. Settings and Data Loss

All device information may have been lost due to original physical or water damage or may be lost during repair. Whilst all care is taken, we recommend you to backup all data prior to submitting the phone for repair. Please note that Fix 2 Apple cannot be held liable in the event of any data loss on your device because of completing the repair process on your device.

10. Water Resistance

If your device has a water resistance function, please note that our repair process may impact the performance of this function, and post repair, the device may not have the same degree of water resistance as when the device was new from the factory.

11. Unlocking/Security/iCloud/Code Removal:

Should you require the removal of any locks or passwords, please note it is the Customers’ responsibility to ensure the handset is not IMEI locked. If the handset is found to be IMEI locked after removal of locks or passwords is performed, the customer is still liable for payment.

12. Part orders from our supplier

Repairing job cannot be cancelled due to change of mind. Sometimes, we experience delays in receiving parts from our suppliers and we will do our best to find appropriate solutions in these situations.

13. Shipping Policy

Dispatch of goods will be made within 72 hours (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays) AFTER the confirmation of payment. All deliveries will be through our preferred courier companies unless otherwise specified. Fix 2 Apple will NOT guarantee delivery schedules. All delivery inquiries should be referred directly to the courier company. Delivery costs do NOT include any insurance unless otherwise specified or requested. Additional charges will apply for insurance.

Fix 2 Apple cannot guarantee the availability of all goods ordered however if there is any stock shortage, Fix 2 Apple will contact and advise you accordingly.

14. Original Manufacturer Warranty:

Fix 2 Apple is  only non-warranty repairs. By submitting your phone to repairs, you agree that your phone is not covered by your original manufacturer’s warranty if it is any other make. Fix 2 Apple only performs non- manufacturers warranty repairs. By submitting your phone to repairs you agree that your phone is not covered by your original manufacturer’s warranty. If you require the reversal of any repairs on the phone submitted due to manufacturer warranty, Fix 2 Apple will reserve the right to charge a minimum service fee of $39 inc  GST.

15. Six Month Warranty

Fix 2 Apple stands by the quality of its repair service and repair parts. All our customers enjoy a Six-Month warranty that covers the parts and labor used to repair your device. Please note that certain below exclusions apply to the warranty. The following items are specifically excluded from the Fix 2 Apple Warranty

  1. Any issues or problems relating to phone features and functions that we were not able to verify as being fully operational prior to our repair (for example, because the device was not charged, or the passcode to the device was not provided)
  2. Any subsequent accidental damage to the device after we have completed your repair
  3. Operational or mechanical failure of the device caused by an unexpected or unintentional external event (e.g. dropping the device or placing undue pressure and/or force on the device as a result from mishandling)
  4. Water/liquid damaged phones
  5. Any software related issues
  6. Faults not relating to the original repair done (e.g. if we replace the charging port the warranty would not cover a faulty power button)
  7. Any pre-existing issues that were evident prior to the original repair
  8. Screen protectors are classified as a consumable item and may get damaged or chipped in daily use, and are not covered under the Six-Month warranty
  9. Batteries are classified as a consumable item and are not covered under the Six-Month warranty. Fix 2 Apple will however provide a three-month warranty on battery replacements.
  10. Subsequent repair by a third party
  11. Final decision on warranty claims and repairs will be assessed and finalized by Fix 2 Apple technician.

16. Return and Refund Policy

Please read the following carefully to ensure you are fully aware of your rights under this policy and our obligations to you. Due to Change of Mind or Item Not Satisfied Returns Fix 2 Apple will offer you exchange, credit or refund provided that:

Refund: You return the item within 14 days of purchase. We may charge $29 handling cost on each item if you simply changed your mind or selected the wrong item. Please choose the product/parts carefully. Refunded amounts will be credited to you via the same method you used for your payment.

Exchange: You Exchange the part within 30 days of purchase. We are NOT liable for any missing goods or damage occurred in transportation from your premises to ours.


If the handset has not been collected within 21 days of being informed its ready for collection, the job will incur an additional $25 late fee. I agree that if I do not contact Fix 2 Apple with a decision on repairs within 30 days, my device will be recycled. I will have no claim against Fix 2 Apple for said equipment once disposed. This is in accordance with the Uncollected Goods Act 1995.

Ownership I agree that I am the owner or have permission to act on behalf of the owner of the device submitted to Fix 2 Apple and agree to the terms and conditions.

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